Scroll down to the video below for a sneak peek at track one ("Be The One") and some footage from our time in Paris (this one is from the Pont Alexandre II bridge).

The idea for this song just sort of popped into my head when I was walking home from the market in Paris. Michael and I were walking home with our bag full of flowers & fresh groceries, and he reached over and grabbed my hand. The melody and the words started spinning in my mind, and when we got back to the apartment I grabbed the little zoom recorder that we had been using to capture sounds of the city and I sang the first verse and chorus into it.

It was such a loose idea and the recording sounded so bad that I waited awhile to show it to Michael. But when I did showed it to him, he just smiled really big and told me that he really loved it. I didn't expect for it to go on the EP, but once we got in the studio with our friend Chad (who has done my past 2 albums), we had SO MUCH FUN bringing this one to life. 

We played around for hours on this cool ipad app, and you can hear some of what we came up with in this song. There's a sneak peak of "Be The One" below, hope you enjoy (and if you do, please share it with a friend!)

xo, Em