Well guys, after a delicious meal and some good family time, I’m so happy to move on to Christmas time! Bring on the gingerbread lattes, the lights and the balsam candles, and OF COURSE, the music.

Hoping to provide you with a fresh flair to your holiday playlist this year. Be sure to tag me if you’re listening to the album this season! Happy Thanksgiving, Michael and I are so unbelievably thankful to have people out there who want to listen to our music!

Here are the links you may need to listen, purchase, or share! (click below)




A very exciting announcement...

Hi friends! I hope your busy schedules are winding down and you’re starting to think about all the food to be consumed this Thursday… I know I’ll need a full day of prep to make everything I want to eat.

I’m so excited to tell you that after YEARS of dreaming about doing this, Michael and I have finally made a Christmas album! It’s going to be released very soon (stay tuned) and here’s the album cover and track listing below…


THAT’S RIGHT —- volume one :)

Can’t wait to unfold the full plan (!!) but for now, I hope you enjoy these 6 songs that we have poured a whole bunch of love into. And it would mean the world to us if you told every single one of your friends about the album! Word of mouth is priceless.

Much love, and more info to come this week!

xo xo & Happy Thanksgiving!



Hello and happy 2018!

Exciting news (!!) Emily's song "Worth Fighting For" has been featured in a the new movie, "Nostalgia," starring some fantastic actors and actresses (John Hamm, Catherine Keener, Nick Offerman & more) The movie comes out in theaters in February, but for now, check out the trailer below >>

Wedding Songs

Cheers to 2018!

It's a fresh start, a new year, love is in the air and many of you are planning a wedding (or helping a friend plan their wedding)! We've had a lot of people reach out about using Emily's songs for their wedding videos, or for ceremony music. So here's all the info you need!

Accompaniment tracks /  HERE you can find the mp3's for her most popular love songs (for any songs you want to use that you don't see here, you can reach out to MUSICBED)

Wedding Video Music / Go to MUSICBED and select the song you'd like to use & you will receive a quote to purchase a license to use the song. (This is important, because otherwise YouTube tends to remove the music from videos where a license is not used)

Thank you for supporting the music you love and the musicians who make it! And happy wedding planning to all you lovebirds!

Tour Update


We have FOUR more dates left with Stephen Kellogg! I can't believe the tour is almost over. The last shows are close to sold out, so head over to the SHOWS tab and get your tickets. 


Houston, Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Boise, Denver (x2), Des Moines, St. Louis & Indianapolis -- you have been INCREDIBLE

Spring Lake, Evanston, Lakewood & Pittsburgh -- see you guys this weekend!


Last Sneak Peek

Michael and I wrote this new EP while we were in Paris -- I documented most of the trip, so scroll back through the posts if you're interested! This song is probably my favorite. It was in the works for about a year, but we finally finished it when we were in Paris this May. 

I've been posting snippets of the songs all week, and here's the last sneak peek... Track two: "Here We Go"



Scroll down to the video below for a sneak peek at track one ("Be The One") and some footage from our time in Paris (this one is from the Pont Alexandre II bridge).

The idea for this song just sort of popped into my head when I was walking home from the market in Paris. Michael and I were walking home with our bag full of flowers & fresh groceries, and he reached over and grabbed my hand. The melody and the words started spinning in my mind, and when we got back to the apartment I grabbed the little zoom recorder that we had been using to capture sounds of the city and I sang the first verse and chorus into it.

It was such a loose idea and the recording sounded so bad that I waited awhile to show it to Michael. But when I did showed it to him, he just smiled really big and told me that he really loved it. I didn't expect for it to go on the EP, but once we got in the studio with our friend Chad (who has done my past 2 albums), we had SO MUCH FUN bringing this one to life. 

We played around for hours on this cool ipad app, and you can hear some of what we came up with in this song. There's a sneak peak of "Be The One" below, hope you enjoy (and if you do, please share it with a friend!)

xo, Em



*scroll down to the bottom for a video sneak peek of the title track*

Our time in Paris started as a little dream to get some distance from "real life" for awhile. We found an adorable airbnb apartment in the Marais and we decided to take a leap and stay there for a month. When we arrived it was the most magical little spot--a tiny corner of the city that was just for us. There was a bakery on the corner just below our window, and despite what I've heard my whole life about how much someone should eat bread, we bought a baguette every day, just like the French do. No regrets :)

The restaurant on the corner across from the bakery, Les Temps des Cerises (Cherry Season in English) was to me, completely perfect. It's owned by an adorable French woman who seemed to work there every day. She sold us our first espresso when we arrived on the first day, and she also sold us our last. There were lots of sweet visits to Cherry Season and sitting at the tiny round tables that lined that side street. They served escargot, scallops risotto, delicious duck, and several other French delicacies. Click here to see a few pictures of the restaurant and the view of our corner.    


We wrote "Paris, or wherever we are" while we were working on our morning pages. There's a super interesting book I've been reading called The Artist's Way that talks about tapping back into your creativity, breaking down walls that we put up when we're afraid of being exposed, and ultimately finding the things that inspire your creative side and staying there for awhile. The author has you write a few pages every morning, stream of consciousness style, just to get rid of the things that make your mind busy first thing in the morning, or to create something before your inhibitions kick in.

Michael and I were sitting in two different rooms, all the windows in the apartment open. He was strumming the guitar and I was writing in my journal. I heard him singing this really beautiful melody, so I got up from writing and sat with him by the window. The street below was already humming with people, the flower boxes hung from every window, the beautiful Parisian rooftops sat there, stained with character and so picturesque. We started writing together and mostly finished that song in one sitting, with a few tweaks once we got home.

I've included a little snippet video below, hope you enjoy!



Exciting news // 

We've wrapped up production for the new EP, and it's set to release OCT 6!! So excited to share these songs. Here's the track listing:

1. Be The One

2. Here We Go

3. Paris, Or Wherever We Are

Each song is really different and infused with a little Paris love. Coming soon, I'll keep you posted!